The Diamond Empire

Think twice before supporting these corrupt, inbred parasites.

The Di­a­mond Em­pire tells the sto­ry of a pow­er­ful car­tel set up to keep di­a­monds rare and cost­ly af­ter they were found in large num­bers in south­ern Africa; a car­tel that one fam­i­ly, the Op­pen­heimers, now have un­der their con­trol. It shows how the di­a­mond in­dus­try sup­plied vi­tal in­dus­tri­al di­a­monds to both sides dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, while at the same time launch­ing the ad­ver­tis­ing cam­paign that made a di­a­mond ring a pre­req­ui­site for ev­ery bride. It shows how di­a­monds con­tin­ue to be used to fund wars through­out Africa and to be cut for mere pennies by chil­dren in In­dia for the US mar­ket.

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