Paris Terror Attacks: Who Was Behind This Dastardly Act of Terror? And, Who Benefits?

Oh yeah, and the forth "terrorist", a woman, is thought to have fled to ...hold your breath...SYRIA!  The exact country they want to convenient / transparent is that?!?!

Since the publication of my earlier text, there has been a major development in the Paris massacre. The two brothers responsible for the massacre, Cherif and Said Kouachi, were gunned down by the French police on the 9th of January, as they emerged from a small printing firm in the Northeast of Paris where they were hiding after their widely condemned act of evil. A third person, purportedly an accomplice, who was holed up in a supermarket elsewhere in the city was also killed by the police.

By killing these terrorists — which may have been inevitable from a security standpoint — it has now become more difficult to find out if the three acted on their own or if they were part of a larger group and supported by an ideologically driven network. Were they, especially the Kouachi brothers, motivated solely by a desire to punish Charlie Hebdo for its despicable cartoons of the Prophet as claimed by one of them according to the media or were they also fulfilling some other cleverly concealed agenda, unknown to them?


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