Wormwood, The Planet

I am asked about this possibility of "Wormwood" (Nibiru, Herculobus, The Planet of Bitterness, etc.) actually coming to Earth by 2003.

I can't go back and rewrite all I have covered long ago. But yes, it is there and it is right on schedule. Is it devastating in expectation? As it IS, yes indeed. YOU do not yet have a way to divert its path. GOD CAN! WILL GOD DO SO? You have always known that would be UP TO YOU!

Man made such ridicule about the Photon Belt as we offered suggestions for protecting self that we aren't just really happy to go forth and share. We have a focused mission here and more distractions are not our call to duty. However, I do remind you that you certainly ARE in the "time of Kali" which is also that old time of expectation of Wormwood's visitation. All great changes have come from greater encounters--are you ready? It will be easy enough to survive this possible cataclysm--but you have to WANT TO DO SO. LISTEN TO YOUR ANCIENT TEACHERS.

Is the arrival of Nibiru important? Oh yes sir/ma'am! With it comes magnetic push and pull, polar shifts, magnetic shifts and earth changes as redistribution of elements take place.

I can give you a clue to changing your probabilities. If you get your planet charged with positive energy you will repel that oncoming object just like an evaporative vapor. At present you are attracting, like an electromagnetic focus, that negative object. As you become more and more negatively charged you are going to have one big merging bang. It is simply PHYSICS. You have done it before and you will attempt to do it again. How sad.


...You as a planetary society must have economic stability and resources or you are finished as a growing societal structure. You want to call it civilization and perhaps that assigns it sufficient definition. It is simple fact that we must UNDO that which has been DONE to cause such unbalance. And we can go right down the checklist of any adversarial-dictatorial-fascist societal manifesto or protocol and recognize them all. We must start reversing, yea, in reverse order as well as counter the controlling but already achieved mandates. YOU ASK FOR THE WAY, GOD GIVES IT--YOU MUST "DO" IT FOR YOU ARE MAN AND EARTH IS PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION.

I can use, however, as an example for you who expect me to be a prophet and give revelations. No. I have been this way a million times before this paragraph. NO! I can say that Wormwood will strike your planet Earth on Sept. 17, 2003 or 12 or 22 and, people, it MEANS NOTHING. If I say this and on the 18th of September 18, 2003 you awaken to find yourself still in one piece--you are but angry and will, and should, denounce me. Some will simply head for the next pronouncement of possibly 2012 but you won't believe me any more, really. I can give you speculation or expectation if all things continue unchanged--but since nothing continues without change do you see the magnificent dilemma?


The World Trade Center buildings, for instance, were taken down by very deliberate actions where the people slain were simply disposable and expedient losses.

What is strong enough to totally pulverize and bring down, in such total destruction, such structures and literally obliterate bodies? Pulse waves, light wave beam systems and yes indeed, invisible waves and inaudible sound waves.

You simply can't quite believe you are actually in a time of total confrontation between good and evil, can you? But I repeat: GOD WILL NOT DESTROY--GOD CREATES. EVIL DESTROYS IN THE NAME OF POWER AND CONTROL--OVER THE SOULS (MIND) OF MAN.

History shows that strange things were happening as far back as there is evidence of ability to have consciousness. You can find oceanic debris on mountaintops and evidence of ancient seas around the globe. "Something" took place and "what" is but a speculation, although some speculation is now learned deduction and reasoning.

Could a solar object hit Earth? Of course. Could a solar object be diverted? Of course. A solar object could be pulverized and rendered debris just as the WTC--if you have the technology and yes, we DO have such technology. However, our intent to use same is fully dependent on YOUR change into goodly intent that the wondrous creation of God can survive and again become balanced and harmonious.

And yes, there are many ways to achieve this end and one is simply by removing all energy of certain DNA structures below a given range. This is easy because "intent in thought" broadcasts like locating signals. Another is to remove all life-forms ABOVE a certain frequency level from impact site.

Another thing you will note as you listen to the "prophets" is that The U.S. will project a probable impact site of, say, Russia or on Iraq or whatever is perceived as the U.S. adversary. In turn all the others predict the impact will be right in the evil heart of the U.S.A., probably again in New York City and other "evil" cities under the control of Satan's troopers.

Now, it becomes difficult to discern since there is name calling to the point of both the U.S. being called "The Great Satan" while the U.S. calls such as Iraq "The Great Satan". Is it possible that both, to great extent are dominated by "The Great Satan"?

If your "religious" or "spiritual" teacher or representative tells you that there is no such thing as "evil", readers, RUN! Ignoring "evil" does not negate it. I, furthermore, suggest you think before you outright denounce me in favor of someone who will bless your little mistakes and yea, crimes. I will "allow" you to do what you wish but I will not embrace such behaviors and you would very definitely be far happier outside my loop of direct experience--especially in this very human endeavor under way.

As for Nibiru, I suggest you gather information as you desire for it has been spoken of by other names by many and that includes Stitchen. My reference here is given regarding "Planet X" and that information can be gathered at . I would please leave it to CONTACT to decide how much, if any, to run in the paper. It is truly interesting and it is valid as a topic for consideration but I have little to consider about it more than when we wrote at great length about it long prior to now.

I am also going to remind you that you ARE within your illusion. You are made up of memory and expectation which is experienced in the "now" BASED ON THOUGHT CREATION. Check out your thoughts and those intentions within because therein lays the answer to life itself.

I also must remind you that "thought" is all there is for from thought comes all else...

...May you each and all turn to SOURCE, and within to find SELF that you might not have to struggle so hard with choices.

In great love and appreciation for every moment you share with us,


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