Marc Lemire, the target of Canada's speech mandarins for 8 years, joins Ezra Levent to discuss, amongst other things, the activities of federal employee Richard Warman.

Then Ezra is joined by Chris Schafer of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.


By now, although you don't realize it, each of you in physical projection have experienced that which you call death and more often have experienced that which you call, erroneously, "near death".

It matters not how you come to participate in such a journey or realization but it DOES matter what you think of that experience. Just KNOW that these experiences are "real" and that at the time of expression it is KNOWN in its reality.

I am asked about this possibility of "Wormwood" (Nibiru, Herculobus, The Planet of Bitterness, etc.) actually coming to Earth by 2003.

I can't go back and rewrite all I have covered long ago. But yes, it is there and it is right on schedule. Is it devastating in expectation? As it IS, yes indeed. YOU do not yet have a way to divert its path. GOD CAN! WILL GOD DO SO? You have always known that would be UP TO YOU!

Man made such ridicule about the Photon Belt as we offered suggestions for protecting self that we aren't just really happy to go forth and share. We have a focused mission here and more distractions are not our call to duty. However, I do remind you that you certainly ARE in the "time of Kali" which is also that old time of expectation of Wormwood's visitation. All great changes have come from greater encounters--are you ready? It will be easy enough to survive this possible cataclysm--but you have to WANT TO DO SO. LISTEN TO YOUR ANCIENT TEACHERS.

"Fahrenheit" On The Brain

Who cares if Moore's flick is flawed, shameless propaganda? At least it makes America think.

Oh my God but Michael Moore is infuriating.

He has made a massively flawed quasi-documentary that treads dangerously close to excessive propaganda, a movie that never lets BushCo have the slightest hint of breathing space (not that they really deserve it), and he zooms his camera in on the distraught faces of weeping mothers and tormented soldiers and holds the lens there far too long, making you go, OK OK, enough already with the misery porn and the emo-manipulation.

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