KEVIN ANNETT - Three Stories, Three Children: On the Requiem Road

"Remember when the Queen came to our school? How she took away those ten kids?"
"Yeah, I checked on that. She was definitely in B.C. in the fall of '64."
"I remembered their names. Some of 'em. The boys."
I pull out my notepad.
"There was Harvey and Ralph Parker -- Metis boys from Lytton. They were in the group taken away by the Queen and Philip, after the picnic at dead Man's Creek. Five other boys went, and three girls. They were all in the smart group in school."
The ten children were never seen again.
"Are you remembering anything else William?" I asked.
He nods sadly.
"George Adolph and Ralph Arnuse, they were with me that day, they saw the kids taken away. And how she made 'em all kiss her foot."


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