Sarah Palin is just the latest GOP politician to visit to Israel after a string of possible Presidential hopefuls to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the past few months. Why is establishing your credentials in Tel Aviv before running for US president as vital as stumping in New Hampshire?

'Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been exhaustively in front of cameras promoting the right for people to protest in Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, and Libya.  She's been touting the freedom to use social networking sites as a way for Arab people to organize against their oppressive regimes.  Now, the Administration is even considering arming the opposition in Libya.

At least 80 people were killed in U.S. drone strikes launched Thursday morning in different parts of Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan, reported local state-run Urdu TV channel PTV, but the report failed to give details other than saying 12 missiles were fired at different targets in the afore-said area.

Toronto police officers systematically sexually assaulted young women demonstrators at the G20 meeting in Toronto last summer. Who ran this operation? Bill Blair, Chief of the Toronto Police Department.
Where ever the G20, WTO, SPP and other international gangster organization go for their meetings, they send millions of dollars in "equipment and training" to the local police force in advance - and the result is always the same.

Why does Chief Bill Blair still have a job? "The most massive compromise of civil rights in Canadian history."

In a truly incredible example of the complete disregard for the health and safety of the American people, President Obama today told Americans that they should NOT prepare for radiation from the possible meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. His exact quote: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health experts do not recommend people in the U.S. take precautionary measures beyond staying informed."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a tacit admission during a U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities committee meeting yesterday, arguing that the State Department needs more money because the US military-industrial complex is “losing the information war” to the likes of Russia Today and Al Jazeera due to the US corporate media having completely abandoned “real news”.

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The U.S. and its allies are embarking on another regime change operation. Before they started their attacks on the Libyans, they admitted that there would be civilians causalities in an act of irony. They claim to be acting to save civilians, but they will be killing them.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the action amounts to an 'act of war' that is critical to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power before he massacres any more of his own people," according to the Edmonton Journal. It also added: "The prime minister acknowledged that the military operation will be complex and could lead to casualties among the very civilians that nations are trying to protect, and perhaps among the military personnel being sent to Libya."

'An escalation in the government crack-down on pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain and the incursion of 1000 Saudi troops on the island, has spooked European capitals, which had not expected the tiny but geostrategically important state to be destabilised in the wake of the ongoing regional uprisings.

The EU is treating the explosive situation gingerly, with officials saying privately that the bloc is not about to call for the leader, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to step down as they did in Egypt and have done in Libya.'

The bombing of Libya will begin on or nearly to the day, of the eighth anniversary of the beginning of the destruction of Iraq, 20th March, in Europe. Libya too will be destroyed - its schools, education system, water, infrastructure, hospitals, municipal buildings. There will be numerous "tragic mistakes", "collateral damage", mothers, fathers, children, babies, grandparents, blind and deaf schools and on and on. And the wonders of the Roman remains and earlier, largely enduring and revered in all history's turmoils as Iraq, the nation's history - and humanity's, again as Iraq and Afghanistan, will be gone, for ever.

The president said, "Left unchecked, we have every reason to believe that Gadhafi would commit atrocities against his people. Many thousands could die. A humanitarian crisis would ensue. The entire region could be destabilized, endangering many of our allies and partners."...(Yes, where have we heard this before??..."Saddam Hussein is killing babies...we must intervene"...The  US  i"intervened" and left 1.5 Million Iraqis dead, many, many of them children!!!)

Police Union announces solidarity with students, workers, and Wisconsin residents occupying the State Capitol in Madison.

On Monday afternoon, the Capitol Police in Madison, Wisconsin refused to enforce an order to clear the Capitol building of hundreds of peaceful protesters who have been occupying the site to protest Governor Scott Walker’s plan to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

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