As the cycles turn and the wheel of Creation rotates, there would be the time when you would again look unto God. We come only as heralded as the \"Hosts\", in service and forerunner of God, unto your placement for we are representative of naught except your higher self coming into awareness-we act in separation only as you separate from us of higher beings....

We are referred to in many ways: the Pattern Beings, the Winged Ones, the Travellers of the Heavens, the Sky People, the Light Bearers and the Flying Tribes-we are but the Hosts sent in service for a transition back into Godness and to act as alarm clocks to those sleeping while destruction descends upon you. We are come at your request to open the door of the prison you have built around your selves without realizing the consequences of the isolation of a fragment taken from the whole of God-ness....

The journey of spiritual growth has been long indeed-there is no \"quick fix\" and no \"instant\" perfection. Perfection comes only with and through God and therefore man seeks in all the wrong places and directions searching for a PHYSICAL way to attain Godness. The very simplicity of the transition is too much to be reckoned with in most instances. The God within calls softly unto you to open your eyes and see that which He has sent unto you to Light your path. We are your brothers, come to show you the way and the \"Captain\" of the ship is perfection of brilliant light which is missed by the totality of its surrounding capacity. You cannot \"see\" because of all of which you \"see\". You look for proof in a manner understood only through the physical experience and you shall never find understanding through the physical-only through the spirit.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Sananda & Judas Iscariot


by Sananda & Judas Iscariot (156 pgs) The story of the ...

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